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Nook Tablet Review
 posted  November 17th 2011 at 8:43 PM

Barnes & Noble has a problem. It's not software. It's not hardware. It's Amazon. 

The B&N Nook Tablet, successor to the underground hit Nook Color, is a terrific tablet, with a vibrant screen, a speedy CPU and a nice offering of books and other media. If you buy it, especially for reading, or streaming from your Netflix video or Pandora music accounts, you'll likely be quite happy. For $250, it's hard to find a nicer media-focused 7-inch Android tablet.

But there's a war on.

Amazon didn't have a tablet when people were snapping up Nook Colors (or is that "Nooks Color"?). Now that it does, Amazon has priced its own 7-inch Kindle Fire deliberately low, at $199, and tied in a ton of no-extra-charge videos and books from the $80-per-year Amazon Prime. Amazon doesn't stop there: It also piles on new-release videos to buy or rent, a cloud-based music player that you can upload your own music to, an MP3 store and an Android app store that has already been powering phones for half a year.

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