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CES 2012 unveiled
 posted  January 14th 2012 at 1:49 PM

CES 2012 unveiled

After attending the CES 2012 trends to watch speech, we received a special ?CES unveiled orange press pass?; anything VIP is always great, especially in this instance. So what was this pass??? From 4-7 pm at the Venetian ballroom some of the exhibitors at CES give you a sneak peek at what the show with hold.  This is of course done in a much smaller scale, and most of the big dogs (Microsoft, Toshiba?) do not actually showcase anything until the show itself. 

This event was great not only did we get a chance to meet some great exhibitors, but we also got a free buffet and open bar, I know, I know that?s not what we are here for but who doesn?t love free!!!

SOURCE  Natalia C
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