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LG press conference
 posted  January 14th 2012 at 1:51 PM

We made just in time for the 1st conference of the day, this was hosted by LG?s CEO Wayne Park.  LG is all about ?SMART?.  What do I mean by that, smart TV?s, phones and appliances?  Can you imagine running out of orange juice and your refrigerator orders it for you?  Crazy, I don?t think so, the future is here.  One of the great things about LG is they are partnered with ?Keeping America Beautiful?, so they are leading the way to help the environment, things such as led lighting and solar power.

Dr. Scott Hung (President of technology) introduced the rest of the 2012 releases, this included:

-56-84 inch 3D TV

-Nano full LED Technology

-1.0mm-28.0mm thick TV?s

-Magic remote with voice recognition.

-Full body 3D gesture interface

-L9 chipset, for enhanced 3D, and multicore cpu/gpu

-True HD IPS phone displays

-Smart Manager (for all appliances)

-Blast chiller (it will chill any can in less than 5 minutes)

Their main release was a brand new OLED TV, which will be the largest and the thinnest in the world.

SOURCE  Natalia C
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