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Intel 2012 Press conference
 posted  January 14th 2012 at 1:55 PM

Judson Laipply opened the show with the evolution of dance instead of computing.  Twisting, doing the YMCA, rocking out to wild things, the electric slide, even vanilla ice and hammer got represented.

Mooly Eded, corporate vice president took the stage next.  He gave a rundown of what Intel has offered in the past.  But his main presentation was about user experiences, and not just in any product but in the ultra-books.  So what do people want to do with their computer?  How can it help me live my life better? Consume info, watch movies, read books, but the main thing is people want to create, they don?t want to wait for the computer to do something, they want to be unwired (better battery life, wifi). People want peace of mind, they want a nice sleek look and last but not least we want great prices.  So it?s all about the experience, so instead of a PowerPoint, there was a live presentation of each item they showcased. Things shown: Arcsoft software showing how to create photo albums, and checking what the cpu was doing in the backend 1.8 GHz.  Performance was demonstrated by showing the game Havok, showing 2GHz of cpu power.  They demonstrated Graphics power using Havok CPU power at 2.1GHz.

Another great announcement is that DX11 is being delivered in all new ultra-books. 

Credit card purchases can be made by swiping your card over the touchpad.  All your info will pop up in the spaces required, this feature only works from your own ultra-books, and others cannot do this.

The thickness 1.26 in or 17.8mm; the display panel is 3mm.  The battery is 6.5mm, HD 7mm, MB with CPU included 9.5mm.  

$300m ultra-book fund established.

What is the future of Intel?

                -Interaction with computing devices (transistors have grown by 1million %)

                -Touch ultra-books

                -They showed a win7 touch ultra-book, then a win8 with gesture control

                -75 total ultra-book designs (11-15 inches)

                -Nikishki demo shown, it?s an ultra-book, but when you close it the clear mouse pad area            becomes a screen, you can use it closed, and check your email, calendar, news feeds, when you     open it it?s on the same page you left it on.

Peter Mahoney (CMO of nuance) Intel partnership

                -Speech activation ultra-book, ultra-book answers back

                -Great performance without headset necessary

                -No need for cloud

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