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Panasonic 2012 Press release
 posted  January 14th 2012 at 1:59 PM

-Peter Fannon vice president opened the Panasonic show, talking about the special events, such as listening to 007 director talk about the release of the whole series, as well as music stars.

Chairman and CEO of North America, Joseph M. Taylor followed talking about the accelerated growth of technology; through energy management, information systems and entertainment.  We are not just a TV company but an electronics company. We now offer ?SMART? solutions, especially for consumers. 2018 by the 100th anniversary Panasonic, would like to be the leader in green technology.  Panasonic leads the industry in patents given (3132 in green tech).

Eco city Fujisawa sustainable smart town in Japan by 2014 people will live off the grid, the power will be generated by each household.

Ed Begley Jr. actor and Eco evangelist, talked about joining this green tech movement, by starting to live in a solar power and eco-friendly home. 

Panasonic will be moving to a new office tower in New Jersey, fully powered by eco technology.

James Doyle will lead the Panasonic eco-solutions. Lance Poehler Panasonic system communications will help lead the way.

Eisuke talked about Panasonic cloud services, promising to elevate work performance with speed and ease of use. Panasonic is working with many different companies such as Audi, and certain breweries to provide them the power of the sun to run their business. 

eXconnect inflight internet, data, voice communications, real time TV is running in many airlines already.

They also work with GM to produce ?mylink? hands free voice activated interface, hi res touch display.

Shiro kitajima president of consumer electronics marketing in North America and Vic Carlson Vice president announced 3D content will grow tremendously. 7 million 3d TV 9million 3d Blu-ray will be shipped in 2012.  93% plasmas 40% LCD 4% Blu-ray players. 

N/3D Direct TV partnership was also announced, a 24/7 3D channel.

Z10000 camera was released 3D can be created as close as 18inches away; this will be a great advancement for press personnel.

A big announcement was made about the London 2012 Olympic Games. Betty Noonan VP of brand marketing introduced Gary Senkel president of NBC Olympics and Brandi Chastain Olympic gold medal winner. The Olympics will be covered in 3D, over 200 hours, including opening and closing ceremonies. 

Viera IPTV, 2012 will be the year of connectivity, SMART VIERA (design, Picture quality, Easy operation, networking, and eco-friendly.  GT, VT and ST series and LED TV WT and DT series

Skype communication device was introduced. Great image and communication, just turn it on and it does it all for you.

4k x 2k display 103-152 inch product, but the thinnest monitor 20 inch. 

Touchpad was showed, by being thrown on the floor purposely to show durability, it is also compatible with SMART VIERA devices.

SOURCE  Natalia C
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