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NVIDIA Press Release
 posted  January 14th 2012 at 1:59 PM

Jen-Hsun Huang president and CEO of NVidia talked about 3 topics:

1.        Tablets

2.       Tegra 3

3.       Cars

Tablets: fastest growing consumer electronic device in history, faster than smart phones and netbooks. 

Touch tech has made this possible, 20 million were sold the 1st year, 2nd year 60 million sold. Cross over between computing and mobile devices. This year there will be tablets designed for all walks of life, weather touch or keyboard or maybe both. 

A single platform: taking all android devices into 1 platform with ?ice cream sandwich? with 250 million android devices with 750,000 activations per day this will make it easier for consumers to move from 1 android device to another.

14000 new applications come out daily; android apps will allow you to do anything you need to do right on your device.  Snapseed is the #1 app for I pad now available for android.  Manuel Wile senior VP of engineering of Nik software demonstrated the photo editing app. What makes the real time application work is the power of the NVidia gpu.  What?s next in mobile photography? More power, thanks to the Tegra 3

Specialty store called NVidia Tegra zone, which features content rich video games. You can also use your game controllers to control the game on your tablet. Another 1st for tablet gaming is 1st person shooters in multi-player setting, games such as shadow gun at 60 fps. Jonathan ?fatality? is the #1 player 1st person shooter; he managed to destroy the whole NVidia team at Shadow Gun. 

Splash top-THD app was demonstrated, this is one of the top I pad apps, #1 in many countries.  I pads can remote into a PC, not as fast as PC-PC but impressive none the less.  He ran ITunes, Facebook and you tube all at the same time. He even ran Skyrim out of his tablet and had Fatality demonstrate the game play.

The whole demonstration was done on the ASUS tech transformer prime.

Introduction of ASUS and NVIDIA , Tegra 3 transformer prime with ice cream sandwich will be available today 1/9/2012.

The inventor of the transformer prime and the netbook, Jerry Shen talked about how he created these items and the great price points. Quad core, Tegra 3, ice cream sandwich tablet was shown it has a small screen like a reader, price point at $249.

Tegra 3 has 5 cores, the 5th being a ?ninja? core, sneaks around with low power and high battery life and high performance.  This is the worlds? 1st variable SMP. 

PRIMS display tech: allows us to retain fidelity of image, by adjusting backlight and colors in every single frame.

NVidia introduced Direct Touch, making the device ultra-responsive and less power. 

Aidan Marcus senior director of Microsoft windows, talked about Windows 8 and the collaboration between them and NVidia.  Connected standby powered by Tegra 3 lets you keep items such as emails and calendars running idle on your device without sacrificing battery life.

SOURCE  Natalia C
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