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Microsoft Keynote speech: Steve Ballmer
 posted  January 14th 2012 at 2:00 PM

The show opened up with the song ?this place is about to blow?, I guess I better hold on to my seat?

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of CEA, with the question, will the TV or the PC be the center of the home?  Thanks to Microsoft we can mix both.  Microsoft was one of the 1st keynote speakers. It was also announce Microsoft will not be in next year?s keynotes (nothing we didn?t already know).  Gary compared Microsoft to our founding fathers, always being innovative.

Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft was presented by Mr. Shapiro with a plaque of the years of Microsoft at CES.

Ryan Seacrest from E?s entertainment and American idol was the host this year; he talked about Microsoft?s bold ambition. The format was a talk show setting, a table, 2 chairs, Ryan and Steve, plus multiple products.

The main attraction was the metro user interface, starting with windows phone.

Windows phone: All phones do the same thing, with windows phone you put the people important to you first.  The live tiles help you keep what really matters.  Derek Snyder, showcased the phones.  Of course, the voice text did not work properly as it happens in real life.

Nokia?s Lumia 710 and 800 will be released in Canada and T-mobile on Wednesday will release the Lumia 710 here in the USA, the 800 in a few months.

Nokia Lumia 900 was unveiled, blazing fast, runs on ATT.

HTC Titan 2 available on ATT with a 16mega pixel camera.

Windows PC: Win pc?s have influenced others out there, they are the innovators of the industry.  The PC has evolved not just form a work horse but to a personal user experience.  The best of PC and Tablets running on windows 8

So the question is, which PC is you?

Tami Reller chief marketing officer talked about one of the biggest pieces of Microsoft ?Windows?.

The Windows?s 8 journey began in 2011, it is designed to deliver a no compromise experience.  You will have the power, mobility with the flexibility of Windows 8. It is personalized just for you, the way the windows phone operating system works.  Live tiles always keep you up to date with what matters to you.  Windows 8 also provides touch possibilities and well as gesture control.  The Kinect will be available for windows in the next few months.

Xbox did not have many new releases except for the new interface, which has been out since December 2011.  They did announce Xfinity will come to Xbox in the next few months, but then again we all new that. 

So 2012 is all about Metro or Windows 8 integration, into phones, pc?s and of course Xbox. A bit disappointing for the last keynote Microsoft is doing in CES.


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