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Robot Bees
 posted  February 17th 2012 at 7:16 AM
Are the days of the killer robot insects upon us? Well, hopefully not yet -- but we might be a step closer, thanks to the work of a team of scientists at the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory and their "monolithic bee." Hexagonal metal disks a bit smaller than a quarter house the "bees," which pop up and out of the sheet, more or less like a pop-up book, complete with actual wings. (The researchers report being inspired by origami folding techniques.) Meant to fly as part of a larger swarm, each bee body could potentially be outfitted with "chips all over that. I can build in sensors and control actuators," Professor Robert Wood told The Daily Mail. Presumably he meant to add "for the good of all mankind" rather than "sort of like in every movie you've ever seen about technology that eventually destroys mankind."

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