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Nasne for the PS3 an Ps Vita
 posted  April 17th 2012 at 10:07 AM
Sony has announced PS3 is to get Nasne, a 500GB TV tuner and harddisk recorder. It has built in digital and satellite tuners, 500GB of storage and uses a new application called Torne to watch and record TV on your PS3. It?s currently set for a July 19th release in Japan and has a RRP of 16,980 yen which is around ?132 and $211.

It?s clearly pitched at making your PS3 the media center of your home, and you?ll be able to access recorded content on your PS Vita. It can even stream live or recorded programs to two devices at once so you could be watching one thing on your main TV while someone else is watching an entirely different program on the Vita

Product color


External dimension

Approx. 43 ? 189 ? 136 mm (width ? length ?height)


Approx 460g

RF tuners

Terrestrial: ISTB-T ? 1

Satellite: ISDB-S ? 1


Terrestrial: VHF 1-12ch, UHF 13-62ch, CATV C13-C63ch

Satellite: BS/CS110?digital (1032-2071MHz)

Internal HDD

SATA 2.5 inch (Capacity:500GB)


LAN port (100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)

ANTENNA IN connector

ANTENNA OUT connector

EXT HDD connector (USB 2.0, Type A)

B-CAS card slot


Power button

IP RESET button


Power indicator

REC indicator

IP status indicator

HDD access indicator


AC 100V, DC 12V.1.5A

Power consumption

Recording and streaming two videos: 9.5W

ECO mode in stand-by: 1.5W

Network Recorder features

DTCP-IP support

Live streaming / recorded content streaming of digital terrestrial / satellite television program (for home and mobile devices)

2 recording mode (DR and SLP) support

Registration as remote PVR device to be accessed through the internet

Trick play / scene search support

Resume play

Media Storage Device features

Media server features

-       DLNA 1.5 support

-       Live tuner (terrestrial / satellite broadcasting) and DMS streaming of recorded programs

-       Support image / music / video formats and metadata as PS3? (will be supported by "nasne" system software version 1.50. Some formats not supported)

-       DMS streaming of image / music / video files on the media server (will be supported by "nasne" system software version 1.50)

-       Support multiple DLNA devices (up to 2 DTCP-IP content streaming or 1 live streaming)

File server features

-       Shared directory configuration

-       Workgroup configuration

Other features

"nasne HOME" web browser application

Support an external hard drive

ECO mode (Stand-by after 10 minutes without an access)

Support "nasne" system software update


"nasne" ? 1

AC adaptor ? 1

Power cable ? 1

LAN cable ? 1

RF coaxial cable ? 1

B-CAS card ? 1

Digital terrestrial broadcasting watching/recorder application for PS3? (Blu-ray? Disc) ? 1

Quick start guide ? 1

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: Official Playstation Magazine
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