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House of Marley
 posted  June 28th 2012 at 9:36 AM

Innovation in the style of music equipment from headphones to home stereos over the past few years has been very static but The House of Marley brand has plans to change all that. At CES this year we had a chance to check out some of the products available by The House of Marley and the wide range of products and styles are amazing.

To start they have a great array of in-ear Headphone with names like "Smile Jamaica" and "Redemption Song" they come in almost every color and have fabric covered cords to help reduce tangling.
The ON-ear headphones look and feel was great with names like "Stir it Up" and "Positive Vibration" they provide true Bass without washing out the sound. If you need Noise canceling the big boy of the bunch is the Destiny TTR Over-Ear Headphones. They provided one of the best sounds I heard from all the headphones I had a chance to try at CES.

The Marley products are made of earth-friendly materials such and maple wood and recyclable aluminum. If you have an IPod and wish you had a boom box on the go then the BAG OF RHYTHM PORTABLE AUDIO SYSTEM is what you need. The system has the look of a carry bag but the sound of a boom box.  Put your IPod or IPhone into the dock and your ready to enjoy you music how you like it with high-definition woofers while your device charges in the dock. Overall we are seeing and hearing some very exciting things from The House of Marley brand and with the innovation look forward to what's next.

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