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State of the consumer Tech Industry and 2013 CES Trends to Watch
 posted  January 7th 2013 at 7:57 AM

On January 6, 2013 at 2pm in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the questions on everyone?s minds where:

What does 2013 hold for the tech industry? And what lasting trends will emerge in the next coming days? Before the doors open to CES2013 the State of the consumer Tech Industry and 2013 CES Trends to watch press conference gives us a glimpse into what everyone will be talking about in the future. This event is presented by CEA analyst for press members to gain an understanding of new trends, forces driving the market, and what makes the tech industry tick for 2013. (slide show)

The show opened up with Shawn DuBravac Chief Economist and Senior director of research (@twoopinions), speaking about the history of technology from 1843 the patent office thought they were getting to an end of technology growth, 1877 Edison invents the phonograph, 1882 Ericsson invents phone handset, 1900 Johnson forms a consolidated talking machine, 1967 1st year CES opened, 1998 1st hd TV sold, 2000 us mobile phone subscriptions surpass 109 million worldwide. Imagine we would have stopped at 1843?

This is the beginning of the 2nd digital decade and 4 trends

Post smart phone area

                2007 iphone launches (using I love Lucy for the commercial it was all about the phones)

                65% of mobile use is non communication activities

                Phones used as hubs

                Cloud service for all mobile devices

                Device, Connectivity, Service, Interface App

                Mobile devices are leading the way in sales for households, using it for door locks, head units,   radios, A/C, health monitors, cameras.

                The Smartphone has become the viewfinder for your digital life.

The age of Algorithms

                1857 Sir Charles Wheatstone invents continuous feeding paper was invented.

                2006 Nintendo wii gaming uses accelerometers, all cell phones have multiple degrees of               measurements.

                Microphones built into devices in multiple locations unlike the past where only 1 would be used.

                Camera lenses go from scarce to surplus and can now install multiple in each device.

                Google driverless car travels 300k without an accident using only sensors.

                Sensors used to check your posture, pressure, stress, moisture sensor for plants are making a bit            hit this year.

                In an age of algorithm data is the new currency. (Example progressive snapshot)

Contextual Connectivity

                Smart meant connected in recent years, moving beyond that into real intelligence.

                New types of watches, transparent monitors used in convenience stores

Changing flow of storytelling

                Digital omnivores: tales of 2ndary screens.  We move from device to device, instead of starting                 on a pc or a TV, people are using their mobile devices as their primary instead of 2nd screen.

                Audible magic and Magic Ruby will help engage, connect and monetize.

                Changing face of computing, the clamshell look for notebooks are changing, 20-30 new designs                 will be showcased to the show. Thinner, flexible, twist, gesture, voice solutions.

                High pixel density screens will rush the TV and mobile industry this year.

                Ultra HD will be launched by companies such as Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, Haier, Hisense,                 Westinghouse and Changhong.

                Digital to Analog Transitions such as 3d printing, moisture sensor by manufactures like CAO gadgets.

These trends will continue to grow in the future.  1956 Herbert Simon predicts ?machines in 20 years will be capable of doing any job a man can do?We are not there yet, but moving in that direction?

Nat C

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