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LG Press Conference CES 2013
 posted  January 8th 2013 at 9:29 AM

January 7, 2013 Mandalay Bay South Seas ballroom

The theme of the LG press conference is Touch The smart life!, the show was opened by John Taylor from LG with a video presentation of the new things to come in 201.  Work smart, mobile life, easy appliances, and play!!! What can we expect: OLED TV's slender as a pencil, all around connectivity, smart TV's with voice search, 84 inch TV's with ultra high def and 3d capabilities.

President and CEO of LG Wayne Park, so what is the meaning of touch the smart life??  It means to make things easier, more attractive and functional for consumers.  How Can LG make our lives better? Easier appliances that learn from your use, Smart phones with multi-task abilities and connected tv's.

 Some great notes for LG in 2012: 11 billion dollars in sales in 2012, the YOY growth has come to their revenue.  LG was named Energy star most efficient partner of the year by the EPA. 

Skott Ahn on Global president and CTO, states that the word smart is thrown around but LG wants to really bring, freedom, natural, breathtaking, stress free.  Things should not be complicated, it should be natural, where products work they way you expect them to.  Consumers can use products in the most natural and convenient way.  Things such as connectivity in the home, with 1 touch connection.  You can do things such as touching your phone to the TV or NFC tag on an appliance to activate the features you want.  Magic Remote 2013, you can write a number in the air to change channels, you can use voice and finger gestures, you can control the TV using only 1 finger instead of 3 like most other brands.  To create a stress free life, takes care of details, you can use handwriting features during a call, zoom into videos.  With refrigerators you can save energy by opening smaller doors to get what's needed.  Their OLED TV's are breathtaking, with infinite contrast ratio, wider side angles.  LG is the 1st company to bring ULTRA HD to the mainstream market. LG will allow you to connect your phone to your 84 inch TV with the same quality display.  Laser TV will be released, allowing you to get truly cinematic 100" screen. 

James Fishler, Senior VP or marketing operations in the US showcased the new line up for 2013:

                Magic Remote: Voice activated remote control

                Smart phone to appliance communication

                Wifi refrigerator, smart oven to control temp, robot vacuum cleaner, mega capacity refrigerator               with easy clean cycle, door in door refrigerator, turbo wash and true steam.  100% of the washer                  and dryers will be energy efficient.

                Zero gap touch screen for better touch capabilities

                New phones with Verizon, spectrum 1 and 2 and the intuition (phablet) with 5 "display

                LG Optimus G raises the bar on phones.  With a quad core cpu and multitasking abilities

                Nexus phone partnered with Google

                2013 Ultra HD TV's will come in 2 more sizes 65" 55" besides the current availability of their 84"

                Smart share will allow you to share between devices

                The 3rd generation of Google TV will be launched, 7 models in 5 screen sizes

                LED tv's only no CCFL

2013 will be a huge year for mobile phones so you can touch the smart life anywhere you go.

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