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Sharp Press Conference CES 2013
 posted  January 8th 2013 at 9:51 AM

Sharp Press Conference

January 7, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay ballroom E

Sincerity, harmony, creativity politeness and courage are Sharp's business mottos

Mark Viken VP of marketing opened the show taking about the future of Sharp for 2013, he asked us to brace ourselves for the products that will come out this year.

Toshi Osawa Chairman and CEO of Sharp joined CES for the 1st time, so he was very excited to introduce the new Sharp and its new technology.  He promises Sharp will be more competitive than ever.  He mentioned their partnership with Qualcomm and talked about the double digit growth the company has had in the last 3 years.

Kozo Takahashi EVP of Sharp, spoke about how the technology will change people's lives.  He took us back through the history of LCD, LED, TV, ultra HD and showed how Sharp has always been a leader in the market.

 IGZO was introduced indium gallium zinc and Oxygen is a brand new superconductor. 20-10 times faster than silicone, 2X the resolution as conventional LCD's.  IGZO more natural displays, easy to use, intuitive controls all in low power consumption.  New releases of 32 inch 4K resolution IGZO LCD monitor. IGZO smart phones have been released in the Japanese market as well as tablets with much better touch capabilities.  IGZO was made with other partners like Corning.

James Clappin president of Corning explained their partnership and IGZO technology innovations.  New glass requirements will allow for further collaborations.  Corning Lotus glass will be used since it can take all the demands the industry has to offer.

John Herrington President of Sharp Electronics Marketing spoke about large size TV's of course taking us back through their history of releases.  2010 they released 60", 2011 70" aquos, 2011 80" model releases, 2012 90" largest LED TV was released in 2013 21 60" or above models will be released from $1000-$10,000.  

The ultimate flagship line of 2013 TV's in 60"-90", top of the line with the 8 series.  The all new Aquos line will be released with Quatton models and 21 TV's over 60".

Picture quality as a main upgrade to Sharp, more TV's with quattron giving over 1billion more colors. 

Sharp's main message is bigger is better, of course backed by great picture quality, new innovations in glass technology, IGZO and a trusted brand, Sharp will be able to release what they are promising.

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