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Samsung Press Conference CES 2013
 posted  January 8th 2013 at 10:01 AM

Samsung Press conference 2013

January 7, 2013 Mandalay bay ballroom B

As every CES does the line for the Samsung press conference started about 4 hours before they began.  We got there around 12:30pm and there were at least 300 people in front of us, hopefully they planned it well, because about 200 more have already arrived by 1pm I guess only  time will tell if we make it inside or not, and the verdict is?.WE MADE IT!!!

Discover the world of possibilities is displayed on the screen as inspirational music takes us to the introduction of Boo-Keun Yoo president of Samsun electronics.  He spoke about moving mountains in the past with innovations and they will continue in the future.  Samsung understands consumers and their inspirations therefore are able to create entire new experiences, this year they want to help, and delight people.  Since consumers have so many choices, they want to minimize what you need to interface with your devices.  Samsung evolution kit will be introduced, these are TV's that grow with your family, it can become a timeless TV.  The same is being done with home appliances, and now connecting them all using your mobile phones.  All products are earlier and more convenient to use.

Tim Baxter president of Samsung electronics America, he asked the questions, is it possible for technology to know me?  Samsung has shown growth in the past due to understanding consumers.  Some trends lead, apps, connectivity, intuitive devices and mobile devices.  Samsung does this by providing many different devices to help every time of consumer.  A great new addition is is content recommendation; your devices will get to know you as you interact with them.  Samsung LED f8000 is Samsungs latest and greatest.  Thinner profile, under a quarter inch it will go as large as 75" and the greatest picture quality.  HEVC new video quality all wraps up to a Vxperience.  This TV has a quad core processor, allowing you to multitask, surf the web, view TV and more.  I t will have S recommendation and voice commands and it evens replies.  The new smart hub has 5 panels organized by apps, what's on TV, Social, Pictures/ music etc.  very similar to a windows 8 interface.  

Joe Stinziano EVP of Samsung America, the new smart hub features On TV, what's on TV right now, S recommendation can give you time specific content.   Movies and TV shows is where you can find on demand, video streaming features.  The next panel is photos, videos and music which allows you to use hand and voice gestures.  Social panel has Skype, Facebook etc.  The last panel is for applications simply called apps.  T-commerce will allow you to shop what your favorite TV stars are wearing.

The evolution kit is a brain transplant on your TV; you can use this on older sets to bring the 2013 features to life, the speed and power of quad core on any TV.

Samsung is also releasing a new 55" OLED TV, with a new feature called multi-view.  2 people can watch their own show at the same time, with speakers built in to th e glasses themselves. 

Samsung ultra HD TV was also showcased, 85" with a timeless gallery design,  the screen floats within the frame.  4 times the pixel as a regular led.  Speakers are built into the frame.  HD can be polished to ultra HD.

Home appliances have been reinvented as well, with not only connectivity but things such as cooking 2 meals in 1 oven.  The T9000 refrigerator has a built in LCD screen, sleek design and largest capacity French door refrigerator.  The LCD allows you to use it as a baby monitor, recipe maker or just leave someone a note. 

Senior VP Michael Abari, asked if we can add a new dimension to photography?  The answer is yes, smart camera 2.0.  Easy and fast sharing, you can download n app on your phone that will allow you to take a picture and download it to your phone.  The NX 300 is a smart camera with amoled 3.31, touch and tilt display.  The worlds 1st single lense 3d system was also showcased. A new 4G galaxy note 10.1 will be released for Verizon.   

Other releases include full HD in the series 9 pcs.  The Samsung series 7 Chronos all has a quad core performance, extremely thin with an extremely long battery life.  The Series 7 ultra, is small enough to take with you and it will last you on from NY to Paris.  Touch is available in most devices since more than half are touch enabled.  Such as the new touch monitor with 10 point touch display, the series 7 touch  also has a great tilt for ease of use.

Samsung is looking to take over the world of B2B with SAFE Samsung for enterprise, with great things such as VPN, apps etc for android.  So now you can have the greatest not just in personal but business use.

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