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Qualcomm Pre Show Keynote CES 2013
 posted  January 8th 2013 at 10:19 AM

Preshow Keynote by Qualcomm

January 7, 2013 the Venetian Level 5 Palazzo Ballroom

As a timer counted down 5 minutes the anticipation built waiting for Dr. Paul Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of Qualcomm to host the festivities. 

Gary Shapiro president of CEA opened the show to welcome everyone to the show, and to help transition between Microsoft and the newcomer to keynote Qualcomm.  He introduced the term Born mobile.

Paul came out on the stage and asked Gary if he was born mobile, he wasn't but the new generation definitely is.  Announced this is the 1st time a mobile company opened CES. Mobile is fueling economic growth, and changing industries. So what's born mobile ?

Born mobile is who we are, everything we do is on the go.  Whether you want to chat with someone miles away, sketch a plan, anything you need is by staying connected no matter what your age.

Qualcomm is a company who has been born mobile over 27 years ago.  Any 3g or 4g device we own was created by them.  Smartphones are replacing PC's all over the world.  Their snapdragon CPU is used by over 500 mobile devices.  Steve Ballmer came out as a surprise to show all devices using windows mobile and QUALCOMM technology.  As we heard throughout the day the theme is personalization, the devices are made just for you, from pc's to phones you can make them your own.

Qualcomm snapdragon 600 series was released.  It outperforms every chip out there.  But the newest release is the snapdragon 800 series, 1st super premium processor for all devices, 75% better performance and power efficiency.   The 802.11a/c new wifi technology,  quad-core, 2.3 mghz per core, this will be available at the end of 2013. 30fps give you quality gaming on a mobile phone.

Guillermo Del Toro came out to talk about how the technology has helped him to create films and also about his new movie Pacific Rim.  Ultra HD has help him to make great movies but nw it allow us to see it the way he meant it to be seen.

The 1000x challenge is set by QUALCOMM to solve the data shortage challenge. Stream boost technology is used to power smart routers. QUALCOMM is releasing a 4G wifi hot spot, internet connectivity and more.

Brad Kowlashki Nascar winnertalked about how he is born mobile using his phone to Twitter his fans.  Mark Jenkins Also from Nascar came out to show a multiscreen experience to mimic what it's like to fuly emerge yourself as if you were there.  The app allows you to see the race and see who's upfront, what the track looks like.  Your phone can control your TV and get you more details about the driver.

Vuforia allows you to see information about products by just punting your device's samara.  Augmented reality can help learn children.  Scott Chamers and Big Bird from Sesame street is working together to get kids to learn to read through great apps.  They showcased a new app called Big Bird's words, you point your device to the item and it will help you read the word.

Qualcomm showed new star strek movie Alice Eve came out to talk about the movie and her character.

Te last innovation was qualcomm halo, which allows your car to automatically charge when you pull into your driveway.  Then a Bentley came out with an electric motor not a V12, this car went on a world tour and has charged the Halo system exclusively.

Then Maroon 5 came out and played a show!!!

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