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Smart TV Alliance
 posted  February 4th 2013 at 10:50 PM

Smart TV alliance

The Platinum Hotel Level 4 Las Vegas

Smart TV Alliance is the smart V TV apps Ecosystem of the future, the premise you build once and run them everywhere.

Richard Choi President of Smart TV alliance and LG electronics opened the show talking about a problem in the industry.  App makers have to make the same application for each different manufacturer.  What the future of applications hold is 1 standard for all applications; Where you can run the same application on a Samsung TV as on an LG phone.  The web and HTML 5 will be the foundation to Smart TV alliance.  

In June 2012 LG TP Vision and Toshiba contributed to the vision of creating a standard for the Industry .  New members joining this year, Qualcomm, Panasonic, IBM, Specific media, TechniSat, Abox42, Yume, Obigo amongst the 11 members. 

Jordan Shen from Panasonic spoke about the smart VIera market and the 1000?s of applications including HTML 5 capabilities.  So the goal is to get everyone to combine their efforts so everyone can use the same technology in the future.

Scott Burnett from IBM spoke about empowering insights and innovations in IBM and  SmartTV alliance.  The mission and motto is: build once run everywhere.  Open solutions for all consumers. Smart cloud has been released in conjunction with Phillips.

David Hwang president of Obigo , explained how apps are created, web content, template, web application.  The cloud will make it easier for all companies to use the same templates to build their aps.  So the content provider gives the content to Obigo and then Obigo gets it out to Smart TV alliance to work with all manufacturers.  So instead of the developer having to create many apps for each device or brand, now the developers can create 1 app and get it out to everyone.  Great way to save money.

Albert Monbarg head of TPVision, announced SDK 2.0, this is the tool that will help deliver on this promise.  Specifications have been released, with integrated software called Eclipse IDE, which has a built in emulator and validation tool.  So the process is development through Eclipse IDE, Validation and publication by the vendor. 

The roadmap for the future, every year there will be additions to the specifications, such as SDK 3.0 and 2014 integration by all manufacturers. 

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