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Xbox One Announced
 posted  May 22nd 2013 at 9:46 AM

Xbox Revealed


The show started off with a commercial  filled with Xbox workers and celebrities to show how 30 years of experience comes together to make you have a relationship with your TV.  Makes us all free to create, view and just feel alive.

Don Mattrick, started the show talking about his excitement to put us all in the center of our entertainment.  Our living room will be the place to make it all happen.  So can Microsoft take what we have and make us love it?  Their answer is YES. 

They want to light up a new way to play games and interact with your console.  So tech step behind and human come to the forefront with the all in one home entertainment system, that makes our tv more intelligent.  Xbox one was introduced, which is a cloud powered all in one system.   XBOX on command will turn everything on, it will recognize your voice and log you in.  It will remember the last thing you were doing, such as playing games, or listening to a song.  Trending is a new area that shows you a snapshot of what?s hot with your friends and others around the web XBOX GO HOME, takes you back to your home page.  XBOX WATCH TV takes you to watch live TV.  Instant switching lets you switch quickly between TV, music and games in the blink of an eye.  Universal gestures can also be used such as, bringing your hands together and takes you home.  Multitasking on your TV with snap mode is now available; see multiple screens all at ones.  Skype on XBOX ONE gives you full HD and group video calls.

You can even watch ESPN sports and use your fantasy basketball stats, every time one of your players scores it lets you know how your doing.

XBOX ONE GUIDE lets you watch TV with voice control, favorites and trending.

XBOX ONE is the beginning of truly intelligent TV


Marc Whitten followed up by talking about

1. Console and architecture

2. Advances with accessories

3. Xbox live reinvented by the power of the cloud

With specs like: USB 3.0, blue-ray, silent operation, 3 OS in one:  kernel of windows, instant switching and powerful control, engineered for now and well into the future,

The new kinect sensor 1080p with wide angle screening, and full body and joint understanding, heart rate monitor while exercising.

The new controller is updated with 40 design innovations, impulse triggers, and precision for immersive control.

Smart Glass connectivity is even more responsive.  Even XBOX LIVE with 300,000 servers will be more powerful than ever before.

Andrew Wilson from Electronic Arts (EA) introduced EA sports IGNITE, to draw a fine line between real life sports and gaming. Sports are as much about your head as your hands or feet.  This new process creates 10X more animation, with 3d crowds and new content released live as you play.  Ultimate Team in FIFA 14 only on XBOX ONE. 

Phil Spencer the head of Microsoft studios, guarantees that his team is hard at work, to break new ground and amaze all users.  Forza 5 will be released on XBOX ONE as soon as the console is released.

Quantum break will also be released by the makers of Max Payne.

Microsoft will release 15 exclusive games 8 with are brand new within the 1st year or release.

Nancy Tellem the head of Microsoft TV studios spoke about a new art from for all.  Until now TV has been a one way street.  TV on Xbox will let you jump into the action when desired.  TV will be done just for you.  Xbox is about to become the next water cooler.  

Bonnie Ross came out to speak about HALO and the storytelling magic that XBOX ONE brings into play.  Along with Stephen Spielberg, Bonnie announced a new HALO series.   Anew alliance was announced between XBOX and the NFL to bring all your devices to live during game time.

Don came back out to end the show and tie it all together.  The all in one systems, where all your games and entertainment come alive.  A new generation of games was introduced and celebrated a historical partnership between XBX and the NFL.  Don also made it clear that E3 will showcase even more innovation from Xbox.  The show closed off with the new release of CALL OF DUTY, with all DLC available first on XBOX.

Eric Hirshberg of Infinity ward showed a behind the scene of the new COD game.  Stephen Gaghan writer of the movie traffic was brought in to bring realism to the game.  COD Ghost will be better than any other COD ever released.

What more can you want to end the show, but one of the best games out there.

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