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Code Academy
 posted  July 15th 2013 at 8:22 AM

I came across, while watching a video on Youtube. Being that I?m the field I have always been interested in what really makes the programs and sites that we use tick. So I signed up and decided to give it a shot. This was on a Friday night; I figured I would watch a video get the idea and eventually pick it up again. After starting out my first HTML lesson I realized I was hooked, when I looked up at the clock I had just spent an hour on the site. Not because it was difficult, but because I can actually make sense of what I was seeing.

So what exactly is; it?s the best, web-based course that helps you learn different programming languages in an easy format without any clutter and the ability to run in basically any browser. Who should be using it? Better question is who shouldn?t be? In certain parts of the world children start coding in primary school, so what are we waiting for?

Other reasons to learn, there has been an incredible push by school districts and by organizations such as the ever-popular to get everybody to learn how to code. Be it HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Rub; you can learn it quickly with a lot of apps and websites that act as full-blown coding courses.

So why do I love to use it, it?s easy of use and understanding.  Let?s just say the lessons are written in plain English, anyone can understand them.  Oh wait, and did I mention it?s free!!!  Yes, ladies and gentleman there are still good things in this world for free.  Knowledge is one of them.

So to conclude; whether you?ve coded before or not, this site is for you. Whether it?s a refresher you are after or a way to learn the way language operates, this is the site for you. I still have not found any flaws in it, so I say give it a try what do you have to lose?


Nat C.

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