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 posted  July 25th 2013 at 12:41 PM

With the new unveiling of the Chromecast smart-TV dongle on Wednesday, Google made it pretty clear that they only see 2 Operating systems holding down the mobile department.  Google and IOS, it looks like Windows and Blackberry didn?t make the equation.  One of their executives actually stated that ?all households? have either IOS or Google.  Currently 91% of the market is dominated between these 2, Android #1 followed by IOS so I guess he wasn?t really that off.  So what is Chromecast and why do I want it?
Chromecast As the name suggests it?s powered by Chrome and is designed to bring Google?s browser/OS to the biggest screen in the house; it is designed first to be a streaming device.
This is the best and easiest way to get YouTube and Google Play and Netflix and Pandora and photos on HDTVs.

The device connects to one of your TV's HDMI inputs and accepts video wirelessly pushed from smartphones, tablets, and the Chrome browser.  The best news it?s only $35 from the Google play store in the U.S. Google is also offering three months of free Netflix to Chromecast buyers and even existing Netflix subscribers will be able to take advantage of the promotion.
The Chromecast is also the first expansion of the Chrome operating system out of traditional forms of computing. Let?s see what else the future holds for us.

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