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CES 2014 Huawei Press Conference
 posted  January 6th 2014 at 8:23 PM

Huawei press conference was an invite only event which usually means freebies are on the way.  I know, I know we are not here for the freebies but the knowledge, but it does help to put someone in a good mood.  Besides a nice refreshment table they also gave to each attendee a Huawei labeled portable Bluetooth speaker.

Collin Giles executive vice president f consumer business group started the show talking about the accomplishment of Huawei in the past and the road they are planning on the future.  Huawei has seen great change from being an ODM manufacturer to being a OEM manufacturer and 95% of the products they ship are labeled with their brand.  Their biggest move is moving from feature phones to 50% smart phones.   They are ranked #3 in smart phones in 2013, right behind Samsung and Apple.   They have started a trend of bigger screens on phones, also called phablets.

Their goal is to ships 80 million phones in 2014. 

Mobile branding products MBD (mobile broadband devices) will have a big push in the future, smaller portable innovations.

Huawei will also begin to work with automotive manufacturers in the coming months.

So the main focus for 2014 will be:

                -4G LTE (10X speed, 10X package)

                -Ranked #1 in LET networks globally

                -Branding will continue to bring a deeper meaning to ?make it possible?

                -Continue to work on beautiful designs

                -Start to innovate in all their lines of products, better visuals, applications, and performance and               battery life.

Ceo Richard Yu, talked about the releases last year and also unveiled the new handheld device for Huawei in 2014.

The Huawei Ascend Mate was released last year with the biggest screen in the industry, and great reviews from consumers, so this year they are targeting people who are on their phones 24/7

Ascend Mate2 4g LTE was introduced some features:

-Curved shaped

- Slim and comfortable to hold

-Best screen to body ratio.

-3.1mm frame.

-6.1 inch screen HDE,

                LTPS tech (low temperature poly silicon)

                 CABC tech (content adaptive brightness control) 30% reduction in power consumption

                 Full laminating screen

-5mp front camera (F2.4 1.4 um)

                -10 level auto face enhancement

                - Magic preview window

                -Panoramic Selfie

                -13mp Sony BSI camera

                -Audio photos

                -Remote shooting (control another phone with your phone)

-Emotion UI 2.0 (simple, phone management, user friendly)

-Multi window support

-Wider single thumb navigation

-Phone will also be released in the USA

-Glove mode (use the phone with gloves on)

-Bluetooth 4.0

2.4 g/5ghz

-Qualcomm snapdragon 1.6 GHz r

-Better battery life 4050 mAh

-Voice commands (phone reads messages and phone calls)

-30% more efficient power saving technology (2 days of uninterrupted performance)

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