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CES 2014 Sharp Press Conference
 posted  January 6th 2014 at 8:38 PM

As I sit and wait for the press conference to begin, I can?t help but get a weird feeling of D?j? Vu. The set up was exactly the same as the 2013 CES press conference , lots of white walls with red lighting and 10 60? inch LED displaying the Sharp logo and Tweets from loyal customers.  With 5 minutes remaining a few press members start coming in surprisingly only filling half of the conference room.  Well, the show is about to begin, lets see what Sharp is bringing to the table this year.

CEO Thosy Osawa opened the show talking about the 3 main parts of Sharp?s business and how they will grow in 2014: b2b components, and consumer electronics

IGZO which was introduced last year has made a big push throughout the industry and will continue to innovate and revolutionize the market.  Thanks to some of this technology Sharp will be able to introduce an 8K 85 inch TV, Quattro plus, with the highest resolution in the industry.

John Herrington president of marketing in North America introduced the new line of products for 2014 such as:

                -Aquos HD 1080p most affordable, designed with consumers in minds

                -Aquos 4K the highest end TV with the best resolution (ultra HD)

                -The Q series has been re-imagined with full HD with a billion more colors

                -The new Q plus has the heist resolution in the whole industry, for the consumer who ants 4K   without having to pay the price.

Options such as:

                -Larger Screen Sizes, more options than any other brand

                -Higher resolution on bigger screens up to 90? inches.

Their motto, bigger is better!!!  But large is not enough to be successful; the resolution has to match the size, the connectivity must do so as well.

So Sharp did not disappoint with their new releases, but it as the only direction they could take their business to in order to compete with companies like Samsung or LG.

SOURCE  Natalia C.
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