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CES 2014 Samsung Press Conference
 posted  January 6th 2014 at 9:54 PM

As usual the line for the Samsung press conference started around 12:00pm even though the show started at 2:00pm, we made it right after the Intel press conference for standing room only.  Not sure Samsung can top last year?s show with a speech by ex-president Clinton, a live show by Maroon 5 and the highlight of CES flexible LCD.

President and CEO of Samsung electronics BK Yoon, started the show by talking about changes, not just in technology but how consumers have helped to change.  Take things like creativity, connectivity and make our technology more immersive.  Samsung introduced the home of the future.  This can be done by bringing protection not just against crime but also disease.  The home should be responsive and understand our needs.  In the end our technology should as Intel put it ?natural?.

Tim Baxter president of North America operations continued the show by talking about connectivity. A new Samsung app will allow you to control everything through your phone or Samsung watch. So Samsung is taking the software road this year. 

NBA will be integrated into their TV the way NFL has been done for years.  Mark Cuban made a guest appearance to really push this new feature. Samsung is also partnering with the PGA to bring the experience and front row seats right to the user anywhere they are.

Joe Stinziano came out to talk about UHD and how Samsung still TVs were unveiled!!! The curved UHD will give you a 3d effect without the glasses.  The sizes will start at 50inches and go up to 110 inches.  The TVs will also be upgradable as new updates appear.  These TVs will also have a quad core cpu in them. 

Bendable TVs were introduced, finally a real use for the flexible lcd?s from last year. With the touch of a button you can turn your regular TV to a curved TV. Now this was amazing.

The last announcement was the ?Chef Collection?, a line of home products including refrigerator, washing machines and microwaves, all inspired by to top chefs such as, Michel Troisgros and Chris Kosowdays.

Samsung did have some new TV?s to bring to the table, still they are moving in the same path as the rest of the competitor but always doing it with more of a flair. In the end  all brands want to make our electronics understand us and fully emerge us in the usage experience.

SOURCE  Natalia C.
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