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CES 2014 Sony Keynote Address
 posted  January 8th 2014 at 10:34 AM

Sony hosted the opening keynote for CES 2014 at the Palazzo ball room at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  The keynote has historically been done the day before the actual show starts but this year things were done a bit differently.  The show was done the morning of CES, after an invite only booth announcement the night before.  A few products were discussed the previous night, TVs, cameras but nothing revolutionary.   Everyone is eager to see if Sony held out until today to make a huge announcement.  After all, they have some big shoes to fill from past presenters.  Last year?s announcement by Samsung to create a flexible screen became a reality yesterday with the Curve TV.

Gary Shapiro CEO of CEA opened the show with huge energy and excitement for what CES brings to the industry.   CEA predicts the industry will grow $208 Billion dollars with a change of 2.4% from the previous year.  These numbers will be reached by new products such as Ultra HD, MEMS, 3D printing, and driverless cars.  This year CES wants you to look at new comers, give a chance for new alliances to flourish; CES expands 2 million square feet the largest CES ever with over 200 start ups.  Gary felt Sony was the best company to open the show, due to their current and ongoing innovations.

Kazuo Hirai president and CEO of Sony electronics was then introduced as one of the most influential in the entertainment industry.  He began by telling a story of how as a young boy he was always very curious as to how things work, and nothing has changed innovation is his number one passion.  Sony wants to create that ?WOW? feeling, the way the walkman, the compact disk, Playstation did in the past continues.  Today that continues with the PS4. Sony wants to connect emotionally to its users to really create that ?WOW? factor.  So how is Sony planning to bring that feeling?  One thing will be the Smart skin evaluation program, where a user can share remotely data about their conditions even if they are not able to go see a doctor.  Another innovation will be using 4K TVs during surgery for precision visual help for the surgeons. 

On the gaming front a new game called tear away for the PS vita was announced from the creators of little big planet (MM).  Andrew House announced the PS4 sold 4.2 million units since its launch in November 2013.  Stream gaming, Playstation Now will give instant access to all generation Playstation  games, not only on your PS4 but your Bravia TV?s , phones and tablets.  Gamers will now be able to rent games not just buy it before they play it.  But can we get PSHome of the PS4? 

A new Sony cloud based services will be released later this year, with live TV, video on demand and DVR.   The interface will get to know you as you use it. 

Sony will continue to lead the way in innovations, whether it?s a new TV or a 700 inch viewing helmet experience, we can be sure Sony will continue to lead the way. 

SOURCE  Natalia C.
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