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CES 2015 LG Press Conference
 posted  January 5th 2015 at 6:23 PM

LG opened the show, demonstrating how their technology makes everyday living much easier for all. From appliances to television, LG has their hands in every aspect of it.

Dr. Scott Anh, explained Iot (internet of things) what connects together everything we do. LG is doing this through platforms like webOS and the new WebOS 2.0 with 4k streaming. Sensors like sleeping habits, heart rate and movement.  Connectivity is another key factor, cars for example have moved into a new era of technological customization.  The last thing is the ecosystem; LG is working with many companies to make sure their products can be integrated like LG Home Chat, which allows you to communicate with your home appliances.

Oled TV, New appliances, just among a few of the new products LG will introduce this year.

Tim Alessi, Came out and showed a brief history of the television set.  Curved OLED, and regular OLED are the future for LG viewing.  They feel they can get the best color, for example perfect black uses an emissive layer to show each pixel, which gives you perfect color. OLED production has been expanded in 2015by releasing 7 new OLED sets with 4K resolution, even an option to change a normal OLED to a curved one.

4K ultra HD shows a growth of 153% in 2015, LG will have most of their line in this format, with new features like color prime nano spectrum technology.  8K is also in their future!!!

Greg Peters from Netflix came out to talk about their partnership built back in 2008; this strong partnership has allowed them to work together to include more pixels not only on LG displays but now to Netflix as well.  You will finally have content for your 4K tv.  Netflix recommended designation was also announced.

WebOS, which has been used in their TVs since 2008, in 2015 features like My channels, quick starts, quad core processors and more content will be available.  4k access from direct TV, and a go pro channel will be available as well. 

Music flow, a wireless sound system was announced.  It puts the user in charge, by allowing them to control from their smart phones or tablets.  They can even send different music to each room, or use it in cinema mode by connecting 2 speakers together.  Streaming services will also be available; Pandora, rhapsody and Google play are among a few of them.

David Vandervaal spoke about smart appliances.  He explained the LG is set apart from the competition is their ability to see what consumers are going to want in the future.  Things such as not having to separate laundry, doing a small load of laundry and not spending the same amount of water; A washing machine with 2 washers, the twin systems allows you to use the mini washer.  Reduced washing time will save money, making it very eco friendly.  Smart think technology allows you to control your appliance with your smart phone.  Another nice announcement was the double door in door refrigerator, giving you double the amount of space in black diamond finish.

Frank Lee was the last speaker; he represented the phone and smart watch market.  In 2015, they want something to give you more power, more battery life, better pictures, The LG G flex 2 was announced.  Design, innovation and convenience were what LG concentrated on to give us this unique curved phone. Four different curves all around the phone make this look like a work of art, with a 5.5 inch display. The POLED 1080p display gives it a beautiful view.  First US phone using and octagon QUALCOMM snapdragon CPU.  So not just beauty but also brains, LG has done it again, the phone even heals itself.

So what does LG want you to walk away with after this presentation? Their Innovations are really here to create a Better Life. Life is good!!

SOURCE  Natalia C
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