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CES 2015 Monster Press Conference
 posted  January 5th 2015 at 6:27 PM

Nole Lee was presented by Shaquile O?neal through video and was not able to attend the show, but would be available on a one on one basis.  New product additions where announced through he diversity of monster.  More than just headphones, cables, speakers, mobile, wireless, screen clean, Smartphone and power are amongst these. 

Neil Bobrick the president of monster represented for Noel announced that they will work with innovators and creators to bring their products to market.  Nick Cannon came out to announce his continues work with Monster throughout the years with his line N-credible and his participation in the entrepreneur program.  Monster

Terrence came out to introduce the new DNA Pro 2.0 headphones, optimized for mobile, no need for an amp, your tracks, your sounds and your style.  Pure monster sound experience application, allows you to enjoy your music with a customized sound experience.

Kevin W, came out to talk about Isports, not just headphones but part of your equipment. These products will be retailing at $129.99 for the wireless version with a 50 foot range and $149.99 for the Adidas branded version.  Sports have the power to change lives, combine that with technology and you have a winning combination.

Vern Smith announced a new product called Octagon headphones based on their UFC partnership.  Cables and power are an important part of the monster family as well.  Ultimate high speed cable with 7.0gbps and light indicators to show performance, these cables remain at the top of the pyramid.  New power strips where also shown, with more connections and usb ports.

Shaq came out and showed a video of a new product speaker system that is water resistance/ proof, it floats and is wireless, called the Superstar backfloat.

Sy Choudbury from Qualcomm came out to talk about the ecosystem, and how they work together with monster to make this happen.  Qualcomm Allplay allows inoperable audio to work together and create a smart media platform.

As usual great innovations from the Monster crew for 2015.

SOURCE  Natalia C
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