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CES 2015 Samsung Press Conference
 posted  June 12th 2015 at 6:58 PM

CES 2015 Samsung Press Conference

(Creating Possibilities and shaping the future)

January 5, 2015

Mandalay Bay

Live stream: Global

Tim Baxter president of Samsung opened the show by tasking us on a quick trip to 2014 CES, where he promised us a better way of living through our electronics, and that was met.

How does Samsun g do that with TV?

a.       Delivering the most uhd tv line up

b.      Over 500 new uhd titles

c.       Benefits shown through marketing and experience zones nation wide

d.      They hold 60% of all UHD TV market

So what?s to come in 2015? Blending work and leisure to bring new value for consumers and shape the future.  As e everyone else has mentioned the internet of things is a new opportunity to bring the smart home to all. Smart Things will allow rich experiences among all your Samsung electronics.

Samsung portable SSD T1, smaller than a business card and can hold up to 1 terabyte was announced.

Other announcements include upgrades to Samsung Milk brought to your TV, home appliances, gear VR and new TV experiences.  Milk VR will merge Milk and Gear VR into 1 package.

EV of electronics, Joe Stinziano, came out to talk about the big guns, what else TVs!  They have been the market leader in this technology for years so how do they stay on top of the game?  Maybe with True HD displays by bringing multiple uhd alliance, like Direct TV, Disney, Technicolor, wb, Sharp, Dolby, and 20th century fox.  Mike Dunn from 20th century Fox, explained how the alliance will help consumers identify real content. 

SUHD was revealed by Samsung, the new era of UHD.  88 inch display has 4k capabilities, with nano crystals delivering the highest quality with deeper blacks and brightest colors, 64 times than a regular tv. Superb detail is unmatched, by mixing software and hardware.

Stephen Nakamura a digital colorist, who has worked on hurt locket, man and exodus, explained how the quality that Samsung provides makes it easier for artist to make the final project looks as visually stunning as possible.

Design of course is a huge part of Samsung; many modern and minimalist touches can be seen in their new curved screens.  Yves Behar Designer for Fuse project, teamed up with Samsung to make the new line of curved tvs.  The idea came up, by looking at how art work is displayed, sculptures are on pedestals, so the tech to keep the TV as thin as possible is built into a cube like base.

Wonjin Lee EVP of Samsung Electronics explained how the connectivity and platform make the big difference.  Tizen operating system will be used in all their new line up.  015 smart TV hub also got a facelift to make it easier to interact.  Quick connect can also help you move content from one device to another within seconds. Playstation now will also be part of Samsung smart TVs allowing you to play games by streaming even without a console.

A dynamic audio experience will also be part of their new innovations.  A new Samsung Audio lab in LA has been opened to make sure Samsung succeeds in audio as much as they have in the display, phone and appliance business.  Sound quality and sound presence are 2 topics Samsung wants to tackle, with the omni directional sound experience called ring radiator technology.  The new TV line up promises to bring the best design, audio and picture quality in the industry.

SVP John Herrington came out to talk about home appliances, Samsung has been slowly making lead way in this market and 2015b will hopefully put them at the top of the pack.  They want to achieve this though your kitchen appliances, an things such as club de chefs, which brings chefs right into your kitchen through the appliances. The new line of appliances mixes luxury and functionality with the 2nd phase of the chef collection.  Three chefs appeared on the stage, and spoke about features such as virtual flame, to cook more precisely.  The new chef collection app will be filled with new recipes and tips from world known chefs.  The Flex duo with a dual door now, allows you to access the top or bottom oven one at a time. Landry got a fresh clean up as well with active wash which makes sure pre rinsing can be done right on top of the washing machine without having to go to a sink.  Power bot  a nice vacuum got a nifty remote control feature and app control.  How smart is your home?

So Samsung wants to close out the show by reminding everyone that no matter what device they are releasing next, TV, Milk music and video, appliances and even audio Samsung is changing the future.

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