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What should we call the new generation of tablet/laptop hybrids?
 posted  January 27th 2011 at 10:10 AM
At CES 2011 we saw several examples of a new kind of hybrid product that straddles the line between laptop and tablet. We're not talking about convertible laptops, which have been around for years and are generally Windows laptops with screens that rotate around and flip down over the keyboard. We're instead talking about slate-style tablets, commonly running Android, but also Windows, that add laptop-like features in an unexpected way, such as using a hidden slide-out keyboard. We saw examples of this design concept recently from Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, and others. The ones that stood out in particular (and you can see them all in the accompanying slideshow) were the Samsung Sliding PC 7, a Windows-based touch-screen tablet with a keyboard that slides out from behind the screen; the Asus Eee Slider, an Android tablet with a nearly flat keyboard the flips out from the rear of the system; and a nonworking Lenovo prototype with a slim keyboard that slides out from a slot on the bottom edge of the screen (as we demoed during our CES 2011 laptop talk show). In a slightly different vein, we also saw the return of Lenovo's U1 Hybrid, which is now a combination of Lenovo's Android LePad tablet and the U1 docking base. When attached to each other, the dock and tablet are transformed into a conventional Intel-powered windows laptop. That last example may fall a little outside our scope for this specific question, but it depends on where the lines of the category are drawn. What should one call a tablet with a sliding or foldout keyboard? A laptab? A keylet? A tabtop? A keyvertible?
SOURCE  cnet
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