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HTC Merge
 posted  February 26th 2011 at 7:32 PM

If you?ve not heard about HTC?s newest Android handset the Merge, you?ve probably not been skulking about the Internet listening to all the unofficial ?official? chatter about the phone.  It?s basically a 3.8 inch touchscreen with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and Android 2.2.

Of course, being an HTC phone, you?ll have to either love or hate the Sense UI because you?re stuck with it one way or another.  However, you will also get a 5 megapixel camera with built-in autofocus and flash.  While the megapixels might not be all that impressive, the picture quality is.  And you?ll have integrated access to Flickr so you can post those photos near-instantly.  In addition, the lens shoots 720p video.

It comes with the now-obligatory Wifi and a few extra features that may have been thrown in to allow the company to bump the price tag a little higher: GPS, and HTC FriendStream?which allows Facebook and Twitter notifications to be shown in one simple interface..

The phone will be officially launching in the spring (no exact date given) and will be available on several different carries (no worries about exclusivity here). 

While the Merge probably won?t be the cheapest HTC handset on the market, it should be fairly affordable given its middle of the road specs. 

Keep an eye on the official HTC site for more info (and hopefully a concrete release date).

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